Ancient Greek Technology

by Dionysios Kriaris Mathematician

Dear visitor
Wherever Greeks lived they used several technologies stemming from the Near East and applied them until the sixth century B.C. Yet, later something truly extraordinary started happening in that area. A new activity, Science, appeared in the greater Greek region which encompassed the inherited technology and gave it a new impetus with staggering results.

This Science is purely a Greek activity from which intriguing fruits of labour will result for the generous consumption of all humanity.

In the last fifteen years I developed an intense interest regarding these ancient technologies which has led me to the source and the ancient texts which refer to apparatuses, implements and techniques relating to what we call today technology. The results of these studies are invaluable and most interesting. They bring to light an unknown aspect of the Ancient Greek Civilization which is neglected or nullified by contemporary bibliography and to my amazement is completely absent from contemporary, Greek schoolbooks. Following a thorough, in-depth investigation came the challenge to build some of these apparatuses and tools in order to confirm scientifically by experiment not only the degree of feasibility of their construction but also to check their functionality since most concrete archaeological evidence is sadly missing.

Most of the replicas I have constructed have been displayed in various notable exhibitions and museums in Greece and overseas as well. To give you an idea I name a sample of the most significant ones. In Thessaloniki and Athens, during the first and second International Conference about Ancient Greek Technology in 1997 and 2005 respectively. During the EXPO 2000 in Hamburg, Germany as well as in the 2001 international book exposition in Frankfurt, Germany. Should you happen to be in Alexandria, Egypt in its museum you can see since 2002 some of my constructions. A significant portion of these were displayed in 2005 at the Napoli, Italy museum titlled "EUREKA il gennio degli antichi". The majority of my reconstructions are now in Greek museums such as in the Thessaloniki Technical Museum, the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum, the Athens War Museum and several others too many to enumerate here.

Last but not least, my reconstructions and replicas of the Antikythera Mechanism can be also found since 2006 in the Manhattan Children's Museum in New York, NY. Also, one can see them at the Athens National Planetarium which commenced operation on September 4th 2008. They were successfully displayed at the Ionian Centre in Athens during the Antikythera Mechanism exhibition. In addition, they were displayed in an important exposition about Ancient Greek Technology in Thessaloniki titled ' Greece And Technology An Ageless Approach' at the Tellogleion Foundation organized by the Thessaloniki Polytechinic School. Finally, at the Alexandria's Library Planetarium in Egypt in November 2008.

Also many exhibitions take part in Paris in a Unesco congress, at cape Canaveral (NASA), at the library of Alexandria, at planetarium at of University of Olsztyn Poland, at Gustavian museum Uppsala, at University of Drexel, at Ionic Centre in Athens, at Archaeological Museum of Florina, in Pavia, Italy, in Barcelona Spain, in 28th General Session of the International Astronomical Union in Beijing, in many cities of Greece Heraklion Crete, Rhodes, Elatia, in Thessaloniki at Teloglio and at National Archaeological museum of Athens in the major exhibition entitled "the Antikythera shipwreck" from 2012 and continued until June of 2014.

I do hope you will enjoy my reconstructions as much as I have making them and find unexpectedly your own 'Eureka'.